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Glossary of Terms / Information


Ministry of Transport [MOT] is an annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required in the United Kingdom for most vehicles over three years old used on any way defined as a road in the Road Traffic Act 1988.

To check if you have a current M.O.T. visit the site by clicking HERE



Full Service

Our full service is recommended roughly every 10,000 miles or once a year, depending on manufacturer requirements and previous service history. Its a full check, with filter replacements, level top ups and all the necessary adjustments. If unsure of your vehicles service requirements or schedule please feel free to contact BCI Autocare and our staff will be able to help.

Interim Service

If you do low mileage we recommend you get an Interim service between your full service every other year, when you book your vehicle in we will check your service history for you and if we feel we can save you money by offering you a shorter service then we will do. An Interim service offers you most of the checks a full service does minus the adjustments and certain filter replacements.

Oil Service

Our Oil service is for customers that do high mileage between their services, it’s designed to give peace of mind and help protect and maintain engine health, Castrol oils  are used for all our oil changes as we understand the importance of using the correct oil that is approved by the vehicle manufacturer. We do not cut corners or compromise the health and life of engines by using cheap oils.

All of our oil changes also recieve a Forte engine flush, Fortes engine flush has been specifically formulated to combat the effects that extended oil drain periods and modern driving habits have on today’s technically sophisticated engines.

Free 15 Point Check

Do you have a long journey coming up? Worried about what effect the winter may have on your car? If so, book it in for our free 15 point check, you will receive a 15 point free health report on your vehicle as well as your tyre pressures topped up free of charge. Our 15 point check includes tyres, fluid levels, lights, visual brake check, windscreen wipers, battery and steering.



Did you know your legal tread depth is 1.6mm? You can check your own tyres as they have a tread wear indicator in the grooves across the tread, which is set at 2mm. When checking your tyres, be sure to look for cracking, nails and baldness across the tread of the tyre paying particular attention to the edges of the tyre. Also, check sidewalls for cracks bulges or cuts that could weaken the structure of the tyre.

If you would like a free check, book in with us HERE



Wheel balancing is quickly noticeable if your vehicle vibrates while driving, you can feel this through the seats or the steering wheel. If left will cause unnecessary wear on suspension components and tyres.

This can easily be remidied by a Wheel Balance, book HERE






If you own a diesel car it is probable that it has a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Over time, the DPF, soot-removing filter, will become clogged and should be cleaned.

Our DPF Deep Clean is a professional workshop treatment designed to clean partially blocked DPFs with some soot build-up. It includes an inspection of your DPF to understand the cause of the blockage, a direct flush of the filter and a test drive of at least 20 minutes.

Book in today and have the peace of mind knowing your DPF is clean, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in costly DPF repairs.

If you would like to check the soot content of your DPF, we can run a free diagnostic for you, click HERE to book one in.


To ensure your tyres wear evenly, it is important to have your wheel alignment set correctly, wear and tear and normal driving over speed humps, curbs and potholes, slowly knock your alignment out.

We recomend to have your wheel alignment checked every 6 - 12 months to ensure your tyres wear correctly.


If you damage or buckle your alloy wheels, it can start the onset of corrosion or vibration which can cause tyres to lose air or the vehicle to shake which in turn can wear out suspension components and tyres prematurely.


If you would like your alloy wheels refurbishing or repairing, click HERE

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